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2 X Dallas A-List Winner

Text/Call (214) 450-9675

99% Nice

1% Naughty

"Taking her comedy troupe on the road..."

"After seven years of amusing audiences in the Dallas area, comedian Laura Bartlett is ready to take her four-woman stand-up troupe, the "Four Funny Females," to the next level.

"This Everywoman Approach To


"For example Ms. Stogner jokes about being adopted, and Ms Bartlett injects humor into her bout with cancer.

"The four comedians' humor, however, is very accessible to men

and women...."

"...a homegrown troupe of four female comedians consisting of Laura Bartlett, Linda Stogner, Sherry Belle and Jodi Hadsell who are funny enough to have a show that's run consistently for the last nine years in perhaps one of the unfunniest corners of the Metroplex.

"Fastest Rising Franchise..."

"So no wonder that the Four Funny Females show sells out wherever it goes... Women need to laugh and are starved for opportunities that aren't laced with misogynist pitfalls.”

"Top 3 Events..."

"Good news ladies! There's more than one way boost your heartrate and strengthen those abs...and you don't even have to go near a treadmill.”

"Wry. Southern. Open. Quirky..."

"No, I'm not describing your average southern grandmother Instead, these words depict one of the funniest comedienne troupes of all times!”

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Dallas A-List Winner  McKinney Comedy Four Funny Females
McKinney Performing Arts Center  McKinney Comedy Four Funny Females

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