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Here’s the deal...


You opened your first credit card statement from the holidays and literally fell off your rocker.  


Its super hard to Netflix and Chill when you discover you got a little too into the holidaze.


Work is back in full gear.  


Karen is full on gossiping at the water cooler.


Your boss is energized and has plans to take over the world.


Meanwhile, you’d rather be back at Landon Winery kicking back a few and washing it all down with a few chocolate donuts from the Donut Kitchen in downtown McKinney. 🍩

But as you try shimmying into your jeans that you were rocking in December, you realized maybe you had too many visits to Hutchins BBQ.


Perhaps you also skipped out on a few too many Orange Theory sessions.


You desperately need a night out that:

✅Won’t cost an arm and a leg

✅Will let you blow off some steam aka laugh your *ss off with friends

✅ Will be gluten-free, calorie free and sugar-free

😂 You Need Laughter, Desperately!!


You asked the ladies in your local Facebook Mom’s group but...


That caused more drama than Karen at the watercooler.

You saw a little of this 









And a lot of that 











When they say save the drama for your mama they really mean your Facebook Mama group.


Am I right?


Thankfully, on a recent power walk you strolled right by the McKinney Performing Arts Center and noticed something called  Four Funny Females.


You realized - not only did you need Sweet Tea & Jesus, you needed:


Sweet Tea, Jesus, AND

Four Funny Females


It's exactly what you need after over dosing on Amazon Prime.


Laughter will give you a massive pivot in your life.


You'll feel good no matter what happened in that Facebook group.

After the show your newfound confidence will have you walking into Landon Winery with your head held high. 


Maybe you’ll even meet your new bestie at the show, the kind that will have your back the next time things get crazy in that FB group.  


Leave your heels at home.  


Put on your best cozy leggings, jeans or heck...fave PJs, and throw your hair in a messy bun.


Are you ready to take back your life?


You’re worth it girl ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. Just so you know there are ZERO calories and no gluten! Phew!


P.P.S.  It costs less than what you spent on your Mother-in-Law’s Christmas gift


P.P.P.S. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll lose weight and perfect those abs.

The longer you wait the more likely you’ll end up with a solo seat next to Karen.

McKinney Performing Arts Center

Sat, Jan 25th, 8pm

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